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In this space you will find the musings of a professional Tarologist in an effort to better understand the 78 cards included in the Rider-Wait, Thoth, and Marseilles Tarot decks.

The Magician (I)

  The Magician (I) Fire licks in its wake Like lightning cracking oak tree Oh, this dream I had   A man dressed in robes performs a ritual. His robes are red and white. Roses above are [...]

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The Fool (0)

The Fool (0) He chewed enough wood Though not yet was he sated The road called his name A youth walks out upon a rock ledge. The day is beautiful. The sun is shining. His gaze [...]

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Numerology 1: The Decimal System

I once happened upon a Tarot talk given by somebody who clearly did not know how to read Tarot cards. This particular figure offered a card-by-card walkthrough of the Major Arcana, but I noticed a [...]

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